on the NEW world of WORK

5 ways World Workplace benefits you, your team, your facility and your entire organization.


Manage and master change through better FM processes.

What you learn will take you beyond uncertainty to heightened organizational agility and resilience. Who you meet will broaden your perspectives on adapting to new normals.

Prepare for the unexpected and emergency situations with greater confidence.

No one was prepared for a pandemic. Lessons learned from this experience will help you minimize risks, protect assets and plan for post-crisis recovery.

  • Follow the Risk Management track for applicable insights on planning the strategy, organizing the resources and implementing procedures to continue operations post-emergency.
  • Steve Goldman, Senior Lecturer Crisis Courses, MIT and author of the IFMA Foundation’s Pandemic Manual covers how to prepare for the next catastrophic event.
  • 3+ hours to dive deep into disaster planning­: Add “The Disaster Experience: When Your Facility Gets Hacked” Deeper Dive to your registration to focus on advance disaster planning, effective communication protocols and how to recognize the inherent risks in your facilities.

Get answers to big questions for your facility.

Significant shifts in how organizations operate, collaborate, and support worker well-being and productivity are still on the horizon. World Workplace gets you ready for what’s next.

  • From Work on the Move 3 to The Experts’ Assessment, you’ll hear the most constructive, research-based insights and information that IFMA is providing the industry on the reimagined workplace.
  • World Workplace exhibitors are in the business of solving your biggest facility issues — meet with top companies in the expo hall.
  • Follow sessions under the Finance & Business, Real Estate & Property Management and FM Solutions tracks — learn to leverage data analytics to solve problems, cut costs, build quality and manage your building’s life cycle.

Create healthy, sustainable space that supports human and environmental wellness.

World Workplace will set you on a path to achieving sustainability goals, ensuring occupant health and well-being, and building more inclusive workplace experiences.

  • Former sales director for Disney Institute Simon T. Bailey opens the conference on Tuesday, Oct. 26 with easy-to-implement strategies for creating a culture where everyone matters.
  • Follow the Sustainability track to meet the growing demand of organizations focused on operational excellence and social responsibility.
  • Internationally renowned water resource expert Robert Glennon shares an attainable vision for a sustainable water future in the closing keynote address on Thursday, Oct. 28.
  • Follow the Occupancy and Human Factors track to learn how to design offices for better employee experiences, navigate virtual workplaces and measure well-being.

Smoothly integrate ever-changing technology for better facility control.

The past year fast-tracked technologies many of us didn’t expect to employ so soon. World Workplace helps you grasp complex tech talk to make informed decisions about smart buildings.

  • Attend Education Arenas in the expo— gain tips for heightening efficiencies and overcoming workplace challenges direct from companies that make facilities smarter and safer.
  • Follow sessions under the Technology track — learn more about PropTech, security and indoor wayfinding with GPS.
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